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French Lick Distillery is just outside the town of French Lick, Indiana, and north of Hoosier National Forest. When most people hear Indiana whiskey they think of MGP or “Midwest Grain Products” which is where a lot of new brands will source whiskey from and then blend and bottle on their own. MGP is a massive distillery but the craft whiskey boom hit Indiana as well. French Lick Distillery came out of the French Lick Winery and they produce Bourbon, Brandy, and other spirits. They have the largest pot still for whiskey production in the State of Indiana. Their slogan is “Respect the Grain”.


Made out of Heirloom corn, rye, and malt | Bottled in Bond

Hindostan Falls, located on the East Fork of the White River, was founded in 1816 and became an important stagecoach stop along the Vincennes Trail. Despite the land being rich and productive, flooding proved its demise. Today, the lost town remains a picturesque destination for visitors.

Spirits of French Lick merged over 150 varieties to create the Heirloom Corn in this mashbill. Cultivated on the Doty’s Hoosier Homestead farm adjacent to Hindostan Falls, they honor the lost town with this estate Bourbon.

Brand Tasting Notes: The nose is slightly herbaceous, with menthol and eucalyptus followed by dark stone fruit and overripe berries. The palate has a sweet entry, a beautiful balance of traditional corn notes, and new oak with a hint of ripe dark fruit. It spreads across the palate, oily, viscous, full-bodied, confectionary notes setting in. Followed by blood plum, a hint of blackberry, clove, and slight cardamom. The finish is medium long, with sweet notes creeping up the back of the tongue, light cinnamon and nutmeg inspired by rye pops in the middle and tip, and black cherry sweetness across the palate with some vanillin.

Holly’s Tasting Notes: Chocolate mousse, red hot candies, mint chocolate followed by a fresh sweetness. A very clean and tasty whisky!

  • Bottle Size750
  • DistillerySpirits of French Lick
  • StyleBourbon Whiskey
  • RegionCentral
  • Age4
  • ABV50%
  • Country of OriginUnited States
  • Cask StrengthNo
  • Cask TypeNew Charred American Oak
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