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Hombo Shuzo, the company behind Mars Distillery, produces many different styles of alcohol, starting with shochu in the early 1900s. They really started producing whisky in 1949 with the help of Mr. Kiichiro Iwai, an icon in the Japanese Whisky world. Shinshu is the main distillery which is in the Nagano Alps and Japan’s highest whisky distillery. The second is the Tsunuki distillery in Kagoshima, an island in the south of Japan.

  • Limited-edition release distilled at both Mars Shinshu and Mars Tsunuki Distillery and aged at the Mars Yakushima Aging Cellar on Yakushima Island, Japan.
  • Second release (2023) in the Y.A. (Yakushima Aged) series
  • 100% malted barley, peated to an average of 15ppm
  • Minimum 3 years old; aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels

Brand Tasting Notes: Aromas of banana chips, coconut, custard, and flint lead to a palate of vanilla wafer, caramelized pineapple, and smokey oolong tea on the finish

The Mars Yakushima Aging Cellar is four hours south of Kagoshima by boat, on the volcanic island of Yakushima, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The new-make spirits sent here from the distilleries in Nagano and Kagoshima are influenced by the island’s heavy rainfall and coastal breezes, resulting in a salty and tropical-fruit-forward whisky blend that has a voice all its own. This second release in the Y.A. series is a compelling follow-up to its debut bottling as the style emerging from the Yakushima cellar continues to evolve.

  • Bottle Size700
  • DistilleryMars Shinshu
  • StyleJapanese Whisky
  • RegionJapan
  • ABV49%
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Cask StrengthNo
  • Cask TypeBourbon
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