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Green River was originally established in 1885 by John W. McCulloch in Owensboro, Kentucky, and granted the DSP-KY-10 (DSP stands for Distilled Spirits Producer). After a fire in 1914 wiped out the production area shortly before Prohibition, the distillery closed. The property was rebuilt and passed through a series of investors over the years with limited success before being acquired by the Terresentia Corporation in 2014. Ron Call, a long-time distiller who worked for Jim Beam, oversaw the renovations to restore the distillery to its original glory. In 2016, whiskey was matured under the O. Z. Taylor name. The same year, Ron’s son, Jacob, a well-respected distiller in his own right, took over as head distiller for the company.

In 2020, the company purchased the rights to the Green River Distilling Co. name with the blessing of McCulloch’s great-grandson, Rob McCulloch. And then more recently, just last year Green River was purchased by Bardstown Bourbon Co. This means we will see wider distribution of the old-style whiskey.


This wheated Bourbon is 70% Kentucky-grown corn, 21% wheat, and 9% malted barley.

Brand Tasting Notes: The nose leads with a beautiful peach and caramel aroma coupled with apricot and cinnamon. Bursting with flavor, on the palate you’ll find toffee, pastry, and hazelnut that guide toward a honeyed finish that’s smooth and balanced.

  • Bottle Size750
  • DistilleryGreen River
  • StyleBourbon Whiskey
  • RegionKentucky
  • ABV45%
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • Cask StrengthNo
  • Cask TypeNew Charred American Oak
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