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Green River Bourbon Store Pick – How & Why

Published December 22, 2023

During Charles’ visit to Kentucky in October, he was lucky to bring his group to Owensboro, KY, to do a really special barrel pick with Green River. The history of Green River goes back to 1885 and it’s Kentucky’s 10th oldest distillery, DSP-KY-10. It became known as “The Whiskey Without Regrets”. A little over a year ago, Green River was purchased by Bardstown Bourbon Company and is now part of this family of growing, newer brands that are taking Kentucky by storm. We were one of a select small group of retailers in New York to do a barrel pick with Green River this year. And it just came in for Christmas. We are nicknaming it “The Christmas Miracle”.

This barrel pick was an incredible experience. The rickhouses are amazing on the distillery campus. We were lucky to sample from four different barrels that were set aside for our group. The tasting itself did not happen in the warehouse as the fruit flies were abundant and would have been a problem, so we brought smaller bottles inside that we were able to fill ourselves straight from the barrels. Once inside, we did our tasting in a beautiful tasting room set upstairs in their main Visitor’s Center building.

It was not an easy pick! They were all really good! But we did narrow it down to a final two, and eventually one. We are very happy and excited to share this barrel with you all. It’s quite special.

Green River Bourbon Store Pick
ABV – 59.5% ABV / 119 Proof
Lot 17B17-GR-28-21
Mashbill 70 Corn / 21 Rye / 9 Malted Barley
Bottled in November of 2023

Holly’s Tasting Notes: Raspberry and orange yogurt, nougat, and cream orange soda. The palate is a bit spicier with thick nougat, strawberry cream, some grass, cinnamon, and caramel chews. The orange creaminess creeps back up on the finish.

Charles’ Tasting Notes: Fruity and nutty and sweet! Melted marshmallow. The palate is a fruit roll-up with corn sweetness and spice. Some baking spice, gentle nutmeg. Finish is lingering with wisps of cherries and citrus notes. A classic! And too crushable….