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Town Branch Bourbon Single Barrel Pick – How & Why

Published November 27, 2021


In October of 2021, I was leading my first Rascal + Thorn whiskey tour since Covid began. It was great to be back on the road again visiting distilleries and teaching people about the whiskey-making process. On the last day of the tour, our group had the chance to be a part of a Bourbon barrel selection with Town Branch Distillery, the first distillery to be built in Lexington in the last 100 years. We had a Single Barrel selection in the shop already that Holly and I really enjoyed and sold a lot of, and I was excited to visit the distillery and select a barrel. The name “Town Branch” represents the body of water that runs underneath Lexington and the distillery was founded in 2012. One of the more unusual things about Town Branch is that they use Forsythe stills made in Scotland. Usually, you only see these stills making single malt, so it’s pretty cool to see Bourbon being produced with them as well. Vendome is the manufacturer of over 90% of the stills in the US, so it is quite rare to see this. Another thing that makes Town Branch’s Bourbon different is the secondary grain is actually malted barley at 15%, higher than the rye content. This creates a creamy mouthfeel and a sweeter style. Good stuff!

Four of my group, including myself, were able to make the barrel selection. We had four different samples to choose from and it was quite a difficult process. I narrowed it down to two barrels with the group and I let them make the final decision, which happened to be mine as well. We are super excited to bring this single barrel into the shop and we hope you like it.

Town Branch Single Barrel Bourbon

53% ABV / 106 Proof

Barrel # 2384

Mashbill: 72% corn, 15% malted barley, 13% rye

6 Years Old

222 bottles

Holly’s Tasting Notes: The nose has old red apples, nutmeg, and some pine cones with a sugar dusting. The palate has rich baking spices steeped all throughout the palate. Dehydrated, candied raspberries and blueberries. Think Starbucks yogurt, granola berry parfait! Sorry Dunkin’ fans.

Charles’ Tasting Notes: The nose brings out apple pie to me with baked apples, sugar, and custards. Some baking spice as well. The palate has a rich quality with stewed fruit, caramel, more baking spice, and cinnamon. Sweetness hits from the back with nice vanilla notes. Medium to longer finish with nuttiness, cherry cream, light toffee and oak. I am very excited to release this barrel to everyone!!



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