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Claxton’s was formed in 2011 with the first range of single-cask Scotch whiskies finally ready for a very successful launch four years later in 2015. Building on this with subsequent releases and quickly developing a loyal following across Europe, by 2019 it was time to establish a cask maturation warehouse. One hundred years after the Landale family bought Dalswinton Estate in 1919, Claxton’s moved into Sandbed House on the banks of the River Nith, in the heart of the Scottish Lowlands, and the Dalswinton Bond was born.

Quality, variety, and individuality are at the forefront of Claxton’s ethos when combining spirit and wood for maturation. Every shape, size, and type of cask is used for a specific reason. Their releases currently include Warehouse No.1 and Warehouse No.8, Exploration Series, Grain Barn, and the Dalswinton Series.


Distilled: 06/14/2006
Region: Highlands
Cask Type: Madeira Barrique

Invergordon is a grain whisky distillery, meaning the whisky is made from grains rather than malted barley. Grain whisky can be made from any type of cereal, including wheat, corn, and rye (this is not an exhaustive list, and other grains can be used). Much of Invergordon’s production goes into blends, so this is an extraordinarily limited release.

Distilled at Invergordon Distillery, 16 years old, taken from a Madeira Barrique. This single-grain Scotch whisky is a perfect after-dinner sipper! The Exploration series focuses on single-cask releases with quality and accessibility in mind. This range encourages customers to explore the whisky regions that might otherwise have been inaccessible.

Brand Tasting Notes: The nose has butterscotch, aniseed, brandy snaps and vanilla. The palate is soft at first before a rush of butterscotch and brandy flavors. The finish is sweet and full of dessert flavors.


  • Bottle Size700
  • DistilleryInvergordon
  • StyleSingle Grain
  • RegionScotland
  • Age16
  • ABV50%
  • Year Bottled2023
  • Country of OriginScotland
  • Cask StrengthNo
  • BottlerClaxton's
  • Cask TypeMadeira
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