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The independent bottling brands “Cree” and “Creetown Distillers” come from the folks at the Whisky Broker Ltd. Company. Founded in 2010 by Martin Armstrong, the brand is named after their location in Creetown, Scotland. The name of the town and the brand come from the River Cree that runs through it. They are about two hours south of Glasgow, right on the water looking out to the Irish Sea and the Isle of Man. They began modestly and have grown to now have their own warehouses and over 20 people on their team.


This is a marriage of three barrels: 200310, 234077, and 234099 | The youngest spirit was filled into cask in February 1991 meaning the oldest whisky in this marriage is 33 years old but it most likely fell below 40% ABV (the legal minimum at bottling to be classified as whisky) so they added in slightly younger casks to help raise the proof.

The North British Distillery Company was established in 1885 on the western outskirts of Edinburgh by Andrew Usher, William Sanderson, and John Crabbie. They produce column distilled grain (wheat and corn) whisky primarily to go into Blended Scotch Whisky so it is always a treat to find very old single grains from independent bottlers as most are never left to mature that long.

  • Bottle Size700
  • DistilleryNorth British
  • StyleSingle Grain
  • RegionLowlands
  • Age31
  • ABV40.3%
  • No. of Bottles323
  • Year Bottled2022
  • Country of OriginScotland
  • Cask StrengthYes
  • BottlerCreetown Distillers
  • Cask TypeHogshead
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