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It’s Whiskey #FFS | Old Line Single Malt, New World Whisky – who’s next?

Published June 17, 2022

We just picked a single barrel of rum from Old Line Distillery in Maryland so who the heck are they? The rum is just the tip of the iceberg. If you haven’t tried their cask strength American Single Malt, you’re missing out. A really great distillery that is one to watch. Also, are you interested in “New World Whisky”? New World = whisky from everywhere BUT Scotland, Ireland, North America (USA/Canada), and Japan. This episode is for you as we discuss a poll that Holly posted about who is going to be the next big whisky-producing country. India, France, Australia? You tell us! If you’re interested in New World Whisky, follow the New World Whisky Review on Facebook.

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  • Sagamore Rye Rum Finish Reserve Series
  • Old Line American Single Malt Cask Strength
  • Horse Soldier Bourbon– 62.3% ABV
  • Virginia Distilling American Single Malt Cuvee Cask
  • Calumet 15, 16 & 8YR
  • Castle & Key Bourbon Batch 1 & 2
  • Hillrock Sauternes Finished Bourbon
  • Pinhook Bourbondini & Tiz Rye Time
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