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From the distillery website: A remote village on the West Coast of Denmark, nine friends (a doctor, a chef, a butcher, a teacher, a helicopter pilot and four engineers), two small pot stills and an old butchery, and the brand was founded.

The founders of Stauning Whisky didn’t have much when they started out in 2005. Least of all, any knowledge of whisky-making, but they shared passion, curiosity and the will to experiment and create. However, they had the land around them: The wind, the sea, the fields, the heather and the peat. And some of Denmark’s finest water.

Their rye whiskey is a liquid interpretation of freshly baked Danish rye bread. A Nordic rye whisky with dark and roasted aromas and a long fruity aftertaste.

This is a different kind of rye whisky. The combination of malted rye and barley and pot still distillation makes this a smooth, fruity, and full-bodied whisky.


Tasting notes from the distillery website:

Freshly-baked rye bread, wine gums, and a hint of pepper on the nose. Gentle, dried fruit, ripe cherry, and peppery oak on the palate, balanced by vanilla and citrus peels, leading to a peppery finish and long smooth, fruity and sweet finish

  • Bottle Size750
  • DistilleryStauning
  • StyleRye Whiskey
  • RegionNew World
  • Age3
  • ABV48%
  • Country of OriginDenmark
  • Cask StrengthNo
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