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Black Button Bourbon Store Pick – How & Why

Published July 13, 2022

Our first New York State single barrel store pick! We are thrilled to work with and support Black Button Distilling out of Rochester, New York. Founded in 2012, their distillery is located in the Rochester Public Farmers Market. When Charles and I were brought samples to try, we were excited since I’m from Rochester and both of us had visited the distillery many years back. Their four-grain mash bill was a pleasant surprise showing a creamy side to the chocolate and malty sweetness. We hope you enjoy this truly special single barrel selection as much as we do.


Black Button Bourbon Single Barrel Store Pick
Proof 112 / 56% ABV
Barrel # 3092
Mashbill: 60% Corn • 20% Wheat • 11% Malted Barley • 9% Rye — all of their grains are grown within NYS
Age: 3 years, 6 months
60 bottles

Holly’s Tasting Notes: Chocolate mousse, peanuts, vanilla, and chai spices. I’m serious, a bit of carrot cake with vanilla frosting. The palate shows a small amount of that rye spice followed by orange zest, charred figs, and other dried fruits. A long, chalky, and chocolate malt finish.

Charles’ Tasting Notes: The nose is cherry cola, raspberry, jam, oats, and cereal – fruit loops! The palate is bright, a juice bomb with caramel, oak, and baking spices along with apple pie. The finish is long with starbursts, sugar cookies, and ice cream.