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Black Button Bespoke Blend Bourbon Store Pick – How & Why

Published May 30, 2023

We have been friends with Black Button Distilling for a long time now, and we wanted to do our second New York Store Pick from Rochester! Instead of a single barrel, we went this time with a Bespoke Blend of 30 gallon barrels to find the right match for our palates. Being a Bespoke Blend, it does come to us at a lower proof, however this one does not lack any flavor. Full of that classic four-grain mashbill and deep coco and nutty notes.

Black Button Distilling was founded in 2012 and are undergoing a massive expansion this year. We can’t wait to visit the new facility when it is up and running and we look forward to more tasty barrel expressions from them soon.

Black Button Bespoke Blend Bourbon Store Pick
ABV – 47%
Batch – 43
Mashbill – 60% Corn β€’ 20% Wheat β€’ 11% Malted Barley β€’ 9% Rye β€” all of their grains
Bottled in May of 2023.

Holly’s Tasting Notes: Peanut brittle, nougat, and caramel. There is a silky, sweet cotton candy vibe on the nose as well which I’m assuming is coming from the wheat. The palate is mouth coating with milk chocolate, Nutella, and peanuts with just a dash of oak & cedar spice.

Charles’ Tasting Notes: Toasted marshmallow and cherry. Soft mouthfeel with cocoa and nuts. Finish stays around for a lower proof whiskey. Really tasty and a pleasant sipper.