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Hombo Shuzo, the company behind Mars Distillery, produces many different styles of alcohol, starting with shochu in the early 1900s. They really started producing whisky in 1949 with the help of Mr. Kiichiro Iwai, an icon in the Japanese Whisky world. Shinshu is the main distillery which is in the Nagano Alps and Japan’s highest whisky distillery. The second is the Tsunuki distillery in Kagoshima, an island in the south of Japan.


This is a blended Japanese whisky | Matured in Sakura casks along with many other styles | Peated

This 8th edition of The Lucky Cat series features for the first time two of the distillery’s beloved cats. May, the eldest cat, featured on the 4th edition bottle seems to nurture a one-sided hatred of Luna, the youngest cat who was featured on the 7th edition bottle. As is true for aging whisky, the passing of time tends to smooth rough edges and their relationship has improved as a result. With any luck, May and Luna will someday exist harmoniously.

Brand Tasting Notes: Flavors of cherry mochi, vanilla, and peat smoke grace this special dram.

  • Bottle Size700
  • DistilleryMars Shinshu
  • StyleJapanese Whisky
  • RegionJapan
  • ABV43%
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Cask StrengthNo
  • Cask TypeSakura
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