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Founded in 2017 by the respected Shochu distillery Komasa Jyozo and situated along Fukiagehama Beach (the longest sand beach in Japan) in Kagoshima Prefecture. Konosuke is inspired by the idyllic views and fragrant sea breeze of the East China Sea. Founder, Yoshitsugu Komasa, strives to craft whisky equally as relaxing, leading to the distillery’s motto “Mellow Land, Mellow Whisky.”

Named for second-generation distiller Kanosuke Kosama, Kanosuke Distillery became operational in 2018, employing three Miyake copper pot stills, all with differing neck shapes and lyne arm angles that allow endless variation for layering and blending complex distillates. Though the sea along this dune-draped coast is calm in the summertime, fierce winter winds create unique climate variations within the prefecture’s subtropical climate. Drastic seasonal temperature fluctuations form ideal whisky maturation conditions and the proximity to the coastal sea spray imbues these aging sticks with minerality and salinity.

The first release was in 2021.


This is the debut of Kanosuke in the US market! This is their first fully matured single malt whisky release.

  • Aged minimum 3 years primarily in re-charred Mellowed Kozuru rice shochu American oak casks
  • No coloring or other additives
  • Brand Tasting Notes: Exhibiting a mellow minerality and subdued salinity; displays spiced marmalade, vanilla cream, and fallen timber on the palate; long and elegant finish reminiscent of bittersweet chocolate-covered orange peels with sea salt
  • 2022 SFWSC Double Gold (Japanese Whisky), Best of Class (Japanese Whisky)
  • Limited 1,200 bottle US release
  • Non-chill filtered; bottled at cask strength of 58% ABV
  • Bottle Size700
  • DistilleryKanosuke
  • StyleSingle Malt Whisky
  • RegionJapan
  • AgeNAS
  • ABV58%
  • Year Bottled2021
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Cask StrengthYes
  • Cask TypeSchochu Casks
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