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Australian whisky has become highly sought after but it wasn’t until 1989 that these new distilleries could even open their doors. The Australian Distillation Act of 1901 prohibited a distilling license from being granted to anyone with a wash still smaller than 2,700 liters. That is a very large wash still. Now we have seen an explosion of single malt and rye producers throughout the mainland and Tasmania, the island just south, in between New Zealand and mainland Australia. The island has great agriculture, access to fantastic wine barrels, and a passion for whisky.

Fannys Bay is one of the earlier distilleries on the island, based just outside of Launceston in Northern Tasmania. Founded by Mathew & Julie Cooper, this husband and wife duo made their own pot stills and do all of their own design work. Fannys Bay is a physical place and that is where you will find the distillery which is why there can sometimes be salinity found in these whiskies. They produce such a small amount of whisky each year that they would never need to export outside of Australia so we are very lucky to have their whisky in the shop!


This is a gift pack that includes X1 100mL of Fannys Bay Bourbon Cask, X1 100mL of Fannys Bay Pinot Noir Cask, and X1 Fannys Bay Branded Wee Glencairn Nosing Glass. Everything comes in the padded gift box.

Pinot Noir Cask Details

Cask #22 || A first-fill Sinapius Pinot Noir 100L cask || Sinapius is an organic vineyard up the road from the Fannys Bay Distillery.

Holly’s Tasting Notes: A yogurt parfait filled with cranberries, plums, and dried red fruits. The palate erupts with baking spice, viscosity, and more jammy qualities. The finish is long, earthy, and silky.

Bourbon Cask Details

Cask #32 || 80L First Fill, Re-Built Bourbon Cask

Holly’s Tasting Notes: Caramel popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon on top of vanilla bean ice cream. Citrus and orange peel sneak up alongside richer notes. The palate is sweet with Dr. Pepper spices and floral tones. Old-fashioned peach pie lingers on the finish.

This cask won gold in the 2022 San Francisco Spirit Awards.

  • Bottle Size100
  • DistilleryFannys Bay
  • StyleSingle Malt Whisky
  • RegionNew World
  • Country of OriginAustralia
  • Cask StrengthYes
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