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Barrell Craft Spirits, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is an independent blender and bottler of unique, aged, cask-strength sourced whiskey and rum, recognized for its blending expertise. We design, produce, and launch Spirits with a focus on what people want now and not what has been successful in the past. This affords us access to some of the most interesting and delicious spirits in the world.


Amburana is a type of oak that comes from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Peru. According to Barrell, they are challenging to work with, as they impart strong cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla spice notes.


Indiana: 5, 6, 7, & 10 years old + Kentucky: 5 years old


Corn: 75%, Rye: 21%, Malted Barley: 4%

Brand Tasting Notes: An intense baking spice character centered around cinnamon fills every nook and cranny of the tasting experience. It’s a veil through which one experiences the aromas of chocolate, walnut, and toasted sourdough. The palate also has a narrative driven by cinnamon and spicy ginger beer with cameos from marmalade, tarragon, and hefeweizen. A healthy splash of water foregrounds passionfruit, goldenrod, and honeycomb.

Holly’s Tasting Notes: Honey nut cheerios but creamy so those Cheerios with milk, lemon-lime, and vanilla ice cream. The palate is again honey nut cashews, coconut, tanning body oil, and a really wild texture. A very rich whiskey!

  • Bottle Size750
  • DistilleryBarrell
  • StyleBourbon Whiskey
  • RegionNorth America
  • Age5
  • ABV58.21%
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • Cask StrengthYes
  • Cask TypeAmburana
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