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First Fill Spirits Live from WAMC

Published November 23, 2021

Joe Donahue is a major Irish Whiskey fan and collector so when he came across our shop, he was quickly drawn to the Irish Whiskey shelves of Glendalough and Waterford. As we chatted about the comeback of Irish Whiskey I could not place his voice but I knew him from somewhere. As he was checking out I asked where I knew him from and it hit me, he is the voice and host behind the Northeast Regional NPR show, WAMC. I love listening to this station and he invited us to be on the RoundTable discussion to talk all about whiskey and holiday gifting.

You can listen to us live here — First Fill Spirits Live on WAMC

What a blast it was chatting with Joe and the WAMC team and this just proves that whiskey does bring people together!

We discussed:
Aberfeldy 20 Year Old Sauternes Finish Exceptional Cask, Single Malt Scotch
Found North 16 Year Old Canadian Rye Whiskey
Starward Australian Single Malt – First Fill Spirit’s Single Barrel Selection
Stellum Bourbon – First Fill Spirit’s Single Barrel Selection