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Boone County Bourbon Store Pick – How & Why

Published December 17, 2023

Nothing like picking a barrel at 11 am!! Charles went down to Kentucky at the end of October to select this Barrel from Boone County. He was joined by two good whiskey friends Quade and Gil who were attending his Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour that started that afternoon.

The process of picking a barrel is great at Boone County. You start in the warehouse where four barrels have been pulled out for easy access. They tasted all four barrels in the warehouse and then went inside the distillery to taste them all over again BLIND! It’s important to not let outside influences interfere with the selection process, so to go inside to confirm your pick blind is the best way to do it!

The final pick was made and it’s definitely a special one. We have loved the Boone County products since we opened the shop, and to have our own barrel is really special. “Made by Ghosts” – their slogan has now reached Saratoga!

Boone County Bourbon Store Pick
ABV – 64%
Mashbill – 70 Corn / 21 Rye / 9 Malted Barley
Bottled in November of 2023

Holly’s Tasting Notes: Warm chocolate oatmeal cookies, cherries, Pepsi Cola, and coffee candy chews. The palate is chocolate chip cookie dough with that nice oil and silky texture along with more coffee, liquid chocolate, and nuts.

Charlesโ€™ Tasting Notes: The nose has cherry syrup, malty and applesauce. The palate has baking spice, cola, cream soda, and very rich. Followed by a long spice, sweet caramel and cherry finish.



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