Lum Reek Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies combine Single Malts from Islay and Speyside – two of the most sought-after whisky regions in Scotland – marrying both peated and unpeated spirit to create perfectly balanced and satisfyingly complex malts. All blended at bottled at The GlenAllachie Distillery by Bill Walker.

Taking inspiration from MacNair’s discovery of the delights of a dram beside a smoky peat fireplace, Billy Walker has drawn upon his half century’s experience in blending to develop a recipe fit for a traditional Scottish toast to long life;  “Lang may yer lum reek”. Lang may yer lum reek. The old Scottish saying literally meaning ‘long may your chimney smoke’, is a traditional way to wish someone a long, healthy, and prosperous life.


Tasting notes from MacNair’s…

Crisp peat notes with barley sugar and dark chocolate. The taste is full-bodied peat reek, vanilla, barley sugar, and tannins followed by bog myrtle and sweet spices.

  • Bottle Size750
  • StyleBlended Malt
  • RegionIslay
  • AgeNAS
  • ABV46%
  • Country of OriginScotland
  • Cask StrengthNo
  • BottlerMacNair's
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