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The Single Malts of India is a project by Amrut Distillery where they source other Indian single malts from around the country and mature and bottle themselves. Acting almost as an independent bottler for Indian whisky. The distillery is not disclosed for this Neidhal release.


Amrut’s newest release under the umbrella brand – ‘Single Malts of India’ to showcase some of the hidden gem malts of India.

Kurinji is a single malt eponymously sourced from the hills and exhibits traits that uniquely spring from the locale. Ancient Tamil texts, dating back to the Sangam period (300 BC – 300 AD), classify Mother Earth into five regions called Tinais, each associated with its distinct literary style, grammar, culture, and even cuisine. Sangam literature has documented the “Kurinji” in its Agam or love poetry. The inspiration behind our next expression is the exuberant Kurinji flowers, nestled in the hills of South India. This flower blooms once every 12 years (a phenomenon known as Plietesials), filling the lush greenery of the mountains with a purple shade as far as the eyes can see! As the water flows down the hill and so do the stories with it, every bottle of Amrut’s Kurinji encompasses the floral flavor of the purple-shaded mountains that it originates from.

Brand Tasting Notes: Opens with sweet floral wafts of jasmine & honeysuckle. A freshly ironed cotton shirt, in a musty grain barn. Underneath the sweet fruity, floral goodness there’s a refreshing presence – some coriander and cucumber-infused mineral spring water, and a hint of white pepper. The palate has sweet caramel toffee. Glides through the palate with a syrupy texture, triggering mini-mine explosions of spice along the way – anise, nutmeg, baking spice. Some candied ginger transitions the spices into sweetness while soft comforting vanilla again brings these together, and along with saliva dilution, smoothens the palate into a fruity syrup – slices of peach and pears sprinkled with lime and drizzled with honey. The finish is warm ginger & white pepper with some chewy tobacco and spiced oak. After ingestion, the spirit lingers for a good while, but suddenly like a spiteful spouse who got everything in the divorce, turns dry and bitter, almost wicking moisture off your palate, leaving you with memories and wanting more.

  • Bottle Size750
  • DistilleryAmrut
  • StyleIndian Whisky
  • RegionNew World
  • ABV46%
  • Country of OriginIndia
  • Cask StrengthNo
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