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It’s Whiskey #FFS | Wolfburn, Soon to be Mainstream Bourbon Brands

Published January 27, 2022

While tasting our latest store pick single barrel, Nulu Toasted Rye, we discuss Burn’s Night, new bottles to the shop, and the most northerly distillery in Mainland Scotland, Wolfburn.

New Bottles to the shop:

– Leopold Dickel Collaboration Rye Whiskey

– Ohishi 8YR Sherry Cask

– Fukano 2021 Limited Edition Rice Whiskey

– Barrell 16YR Seagrass


Chimera Blended Malt 59% abv

Sherry Snake Single Cask Single Malt 1st & 3rd Edition at 61.9% abv / 58.2% abv

Smoking Islay 10YR 59.3% abv

10YR Barbados Foursquare Rum 61.2%

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Current Single Barrels:

Starward Australian Single Malt 55.7% ABV

Stellum Bourbon 60.91% ABV – SOLD OUT!

Tumblin’ Dice Bourbon 59.01% ABV

Town Branch Bourbon 53.25% ABV

Nulu Toasted Rye 58% ABV – A rollercoaster of a whisky!

Our Podcast Name: It’s Whiskey #FFS (For F****’s Sake!) Β #FirstFillSpirits @firstfillspiritsΒ

Podcast Music: Isaac Joel, Goldenseal