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It’s Whiskey #FFS | Waterford, Van Winkle 2022 Releases

Published October 12, 2022

The first truly Irish Peated Whiskey arriving this year? Charles and I take a look at Waterford Distillery and their farm-bottle, terroir-driven whiskeys along with a discussion of their highly anticipated peated release. We also discuss the exciting yet sad news of what the 2022 Van Winkle Family of Whiskeys are and what their suggested retail price is versus reality. But don’t fret, there are so many new & fantastic whiskeys out there so go out and try them!

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New Bottles to the shop:

  • King’s 15-Year-Old Light Whiskey Finished in a Toasted Barrel
  • Alton Distillery New York Straight Rye Whiskey
  • DS Taymans – Glen Elgin & Caol Ila 12-Year-Olds finished in a Tulip Vinyard Syrah Red Wine (Israeli Red Wine)
  • Ki One Korean Whisky: Tiger & Unicorn Edition
  • Many new Blackadders are on the way!

Our Podcast Name: It’s Whiskey #FFS (For F****’s Sake!)  #FirstFillSpirits @firstfillspirits

Podcast Music: Isaac Joel, Goldenseal