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It’s Whiskey #FFS | Laphroaig, Bardstown Bourbon Co. buys Green River

Published July 08, 2022

Holly blind tastes Charles as they discuss Laphroaig, upcoming & insane rum seminars and Bardstown Bourbon Co. is growing!

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New Bottles to the shop:

  • Mic Drop L22-01 Bourbon
  • Laphroaig Cairdeas 2022 Maker’s Mark Cask Warehouse 1
  • Nashville Barrel Co – Bourbon New York 2 / Rye New York / Single Barrel Rye New York
  • New England Barrel Co. – 7YR Single Barrel / 4YR Small Batch
  • Proof & Wood Crossborder Jackpot American Whiskey
  • Proof & Wood Good Day 21YR Canadian Whiskey
  • Lucky Seven 14YR Single Barrel #35
  • Glenturret Triple Wood & 10YR Peat Smoke
  • Asaka Single Malt Bourbon Cask
  • Shizuoka Contact S

Our Podcast Name: It’s Whiskey #FFS (For F****’s Sake!)  #FirstFillSpirits @firstfillspirits

Podcast Music: Isaac Joel, Goldenseal