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It’s Whiskey #FFS | King’s Family, The Evolution of a Whiskey Drinker

Published April 24, 2023
We just had a class with Cara & Justin King of King’s Family Distillery in Tennessee so that is our featured distillery for this episode. Although they are “sourcers” they are “sorcerers” in my eyes. They come from a grain merchant family and Justin even worked at MGP so they have access to pretty amazing barrels all over the country. They also have the relationships to really get what they want. They also aren’t playing with the normal mashbills and have proved their finishing skills are spot on. It’s also Charles’ turn to taste blind but he actually does a pretty good job. *Applause* for Charles! Then we discuss this amazing chart that’s called “The Evolution of a Whiskey Drinker”. We’ve all been there and maybe go back there quite often. Whiskey folks can be difficult to handle and know-it-alls and that’s ok, we are always evolving! If you want to see the chart head to our website. We think you’ll enjoy this episode because we had a lot of fun recording it!

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