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It’s Whiskey #FFS | Hillrock & Holly

Published July 29, 2022

I went rogue for this podcast and recorded solo! Although I missed Charles, I wanted to share my fantastic visit to Hillrock Distillery earlier this week. The summer has been madness and trying to catch any extra time to record with us both in the same room has been tricky! I also have been asked quite a bit about “how I got into whisky” so I decided to share my whisky journey in the episode as well. Enjoy.

A quick list of new & cool bottles to the shop:

  • Penelope Architect
  • Lucky Seven Frenchman
  • Lucky Seven 14YR Single Barrel
  • Nulu Wheated Bourbon
  • King’s 14YR Light Whiskey
  • Filey Bay Yorkshire Single Malt, Fino Single Cask
  • Stauning Rye El Clasico Vermouth Finish
  • Holmes Cay Barbados (Foursquare) Rum – Port Finish
  • Holmes Cay Uitvlugt 18YR Rum
  • and so many more. See you at the shop soon!

Our Podcast Name: It’s Whiskey #FFS (For F****’s Sake!)  #FirstFillSpirits @firstfillspirits

Podcast Music: Isaac Joel, Goldenseal