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It’s Whiskey #FFS | Found North, 2024 Predictions

Published January 10, 2024

A lot of big moves and acquisitions in our Scotch & Canadian Whisky world! We discuss Found North, Single Cask Nation, and what we see happening in 2024. We also discuss a Dramface article that was pretty harsh on all of this production increase continuing to happen in the Scotch industry (and beyond).

Then, we get back to blind tastings, and Charles blind tastes Holly.

  • Lost Lantern Releases – Mountain Meadow, Flame & Shadow (Brooklyn Bakery gone)

  • Cream of Kentucky 16YR

  • Four Roses NY single barrels 

  • Boone County Bourbon & Green River Bourbon Store Pick

  • NEW Stauning Danish Rye Whisky Store Pick

  • Just a heads up, these store picks are single-digit low: Stauning Tequila Finish, Black Button Bourbon & Obtainium Light Whiskey.

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