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It’s Whiskey #FFS | All things Islay, Glenglassaugh Relaunch

Published June 28, 2023

It’s been a month but we have good reasons! I hope you’re all up for it but Holly is going to tell you all about her Islay/Water of Life Film trip. No need to get fomo though because we let you know about upcoming trips that you can join as well! Then we discuss the exciting times for Glenglassaugh Distillery even though we’re a bit nervous. That has been a hidden gem of the highlands and we hope it doesn’t become too popular. I know that’s selfish so, fine, we hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

Watch the Water of Life Film here!

To see our upcoming trips, look here.

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New Bottles to the shop:

  • Lucky Seven 6YR Single Barrel
  • Lucky Seven Frenchman Single Barrel
  • JW Kelly Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Green River – Bourbon & Wheated Bourbon
  • Penelope, King’s Wheated, Woodinville, Old Forester
  • Boone County Single Barrel Bourbon + Rye
  • Riachi Dark Malt Lebanese Whisky
  • Hinomaru Japanese Whisky

Our Podcast Name: It’s Whiskey #FFS (For F****’s Sake!) #FirstFillSpirits @firstfillspirits

Podcast Music: Isaac Joel, Goldenseal